Abolish the Hate Crime Act
'I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.' *


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Scotland is about to pass into law the most authoritarian piece of legislation in its modern history. It is a serious threat to freedom of speech.


Under the guise of ‘stirring up hatred’ a whole range of new powers have been given to the
police and judges to determine what Scottish people can and cannot say.
Extraordinarily, this new bill even makes it a potential hate crime to say something offensive in your own home. So, comments you make over your dinner table or in your front room, if reported to the police, could lead to you being arrested. The maximum penalty provided in this new act is seven years in prison.
Eighty-two of our MSP voted for this act. That means 82 of our MSPs are a threat to our freedom of speech and a threat to democracy in Scotland.
This website has been set up to name and shame these MSPs, and to suggest that if you plan on voting in the Scottish parliamentary elections, these individuals should be crossed off your list.
The website also shows which MSPs voted against the bill, as well as indicating what some of the other political parties standing in the election think about it.
The purpose of the
Wall of Shame is to give some sense of who can be trusted to defend freedom of speech and democracy in this country and who absolutely cannot.

This is the start of a campaign to abolish this illiberal law. So, contact us with examples - including a quote, name and link - to shame or to celebrate individuals. Let’s build an alliance of people who are prepared to stand up for the most important of freedoms, the freedom to speak your own mind.

Go to Wall of Shame to see how MSPs voted on the Hate Crime Bill.


Go to Wall of Fame for a list of MSPs and political parties who oppose the Hate Crime Bill.

Stuart Waiton and Alex Cameron

SIGN THE PETITION: Abolish the Scottish Hate Crime Act


* This quote is often attrubted to Voltaire, but it is more a summary of his views written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall in 1906.

   It is recognised as a succinct expression of Voltaire's principled position on freedom of speech.

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